Partner with Elguji Software

Benefits, responsibilities, and next steps

Elguji provides superior benefits to you and your customers.

Benefits: (depending on your business type)

  • Profit Margin on Elguji software purchases
  • Profit Margin on Elguji professional services
  • Marketing, Training, and Technical Support Resources
  • Not for Resale (NFR) software for your in-house use and demonstration
  • Reference on / Use of Elguji Partner logo
  • Lead Generation for other services

Our customer service and satisfaction reputation is critical to us. We only work with partners who are true customer champions.

Responsibilities: (depending on your business type)

  • Maintain Sales/Customer Relationship
  • On-going Customer Support
  • Customer Invoicing and Collections
  • Customer Maintenance/Release Updates

Next step:

To apply for the Elguji Authorized Partner Program, please contact us.