IQJam Knowledge Exchange Software


An innovative collaborative knowledge exchange community for the enterprise

Let's face it, someone within your organization has the answer to a question or problem that you have; the hardest part is finding them. CEOs will always say that an organization's greatest asset is the cumulative knowledge of its employees and the challenge is to harness the power of that knowledge in order to benefit the organization. Enter IQJam.

Built specifically for IBM Notes and Domino - Powered by IBM XPages

Developed using IBM's powerful Xpages technology, IQJam is the perfect compliment to any company using IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino or IBM Connections collaboration software. IQJam easily compliments Sharepoint and other software stacks as well.

IQJam helps you locate and harness the power of your organization's collective knowledge with exceptional ease. The concept is amazingly simple – people ask questions and others answer them creating a perfect solution for organizations looking to capitalize on the knowledge of their employees.

Questions and their answers can be voted up or down allowing the IQJam community to identify questions that they would like to see answered. Voting on answers identifies the correct answer as well as eliminates those that may be incorrect. Once the correct answer has been entered, it is marked by the user or designated subject matter expert(s) as being "answered."

Identify the experts

IQJam allows people to identify who the subject-matter experts are within an organization. It accomplishes this by keeping track of answered questions and associating them with IQSpaces and Tags. It's remarkably simple to use and the people in your company will love using it.

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