LinkJam Social Bookmark and Link Sharing


Social bookmarking has never been so easy

LinkJam is a social bookmarking tool that allows teams to save, share and organize their bookmarks. LinkJam makes it easier than ever before to share web bookmarks and accelerate innovation. With LinkJam, you can discover where people get their information. You go straight to information that a member of your community has already vetted and found appropriate and useful. The software runs on IBM's Lotus Domino server and the setup is quick and easy.

Why use LinkJam?

With LinkJam organizations can:

  • Logically organize, group and find web sites
  • Provide access to collective intelligence
  • Identify people interested in and possibly working on similar projects
  • Create a web of trusted bookmarks behind the company firewall
  • Allow new ways of organizing information and categorizing web resources
  • Use social bookmarking to allow like-minded individuals to find one another and create new communities of users
  • Tag information resources with keywords that can change how users store and find business specific information on the Internet and intranet
  • Allow new employees to have access to bookmarks needed to do their jobs

Key features

Add a Link — Links can easily be added by clicking on the “Add a Link” button or using the “Add to LinkJam” browser button.

Import Links — Users existing links from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari web browsers and can be imported directly into LinkJam.

Search — Users can search for information stored in LinkJam using text search.

Customization — The entire LinkJam user interface including text labels can easily be customized to meet your company's branding guidelines.

Tags — Links get “tagged” with one or more tags. Tags are keywords or terms users assign to links to categorize them.

Tag Clouds — Tag clouds are provided to search for trusted bookmarks and also to see which tags are popular.

Suggested Tags — When a link is added to LinkJam a list of "suggested tags" will be generated to help users tag their links.

Private Links — Users can mark links as “private” so only they can see them.

Feeds — News Feeds (RSS) for all bookmarks, a user's bookmarks and for tags are available.

Link Sharing — Users can see other users who are sharing their link(s).

Broken Link Reporting — Users can easily report "broken" links.

IdeaJam — LinkJam and Elguji Software's IdeaJam idea management software work in hand in hand with each other.

How LinkJam works

LinkJam works by allowing your users to store their bookmarks in a centralized location.  They can then see what other users have bookmarked, and what links are most popular.  Users don't have to start from scratch either; they can import their existing web browser bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and  Users can then add links directly within the LinkJam web application, or they can install the "Add to LinkJam" bookmarklet button into their browser.  With this button, bookmarks can be added to LinkJam from any webpage quickly and easily.  Click the "Add to LinkJam" bookmarklet, select one or more tags to categorize the bookmark and then add an optional description.

Finding information in LinkJam is just a mouse click away.  To see all the bookmarks tagged a certain way, simply click on the tag in a tag cloud.  Each bookmark also includes information such as who contributed the link, its popularity, the date the link was added and the description.  You can also utilize the "All Links", "My Links" and "Popular Links" views.  If a user comes across a bookmark they like, they have the option to copy the link to their own set of bookmarks.  And finally, there is integrated full-text search to allow your users to type in a search string and find bookmarks that match.

Try LinkJam now

LinkJam documentation

LinkJam Installation, Setup and Customization Guide - Download (PDF).


LinkJam Product Brochure - Download (PDF)
LinkJam Notable Features - Download (PDF)
Improve the Performance of Your Enterprise with Social Networking Software - Download (PDF)

What you get

  • The LinkJam template
  • The Setup, Installation and Customization Guide
  • Complete source code
  • Outstanding customer support

Available options:

  • LinkJam Single Server License
  • LinkJam 3 Server License Pack (Best Value)

Please contact our sales team for more inforamtion.